S-3908 semi-flowing fixed sealant

Fixing sealant is an adhesive used to fix and seal objects. It is commonly used in the automotive, mechanical, electronics, construction and other industries to secure and seal parts, components and equipment to prevent loosening, air or fluid leaks.

Fixed sealants have the following features and advantages:

1. High-strength bonding: Fixed sealant has good adhesion and can firmly fix objects.

2. Vibration and impact resistance: The fixed sealant has good resistance to vibration and impact, and can prevent objects from loosening due to external vibration.

3. Waterproof and dustproof: The fixed sealant has good waterproof and dustproof properties and can prevent the penetration of water and dust.

4. High temperature resistance and chemical resistance: Some fixed sealants have high temperature resistance and chemical resistance, and are suitable for use in high temperature and corrosive media environments.

5. Easy to use: Fixed sealants are usually single or two-component and are easy to use. The appropriate curing time and properties can be selected according to needs.

6. Reduce loosening and loosening: Fixed sealant can reduce the risk of loosening and loosening of objects and improve the reliability and service life of the equipment.

Application areas include the fixation of automobile parts, the sealing of mechanical equipment, the fixation of circuit boards, etc. It is necessary to select a suitable fixed sealant product according to the specific use conditions and requirements.

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