Computer CPU thermal silicone - Thermal conductivity 2.0- Heat dissipation silicone how to use

Product characteristics

Electronic thermal conductivity sealant is a single component silicone compound, white paste. Solvent-free, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance and good weather resistance, can be used at -60 ~ 260℃. The product has good electrical insulation performance, moisture and shock resistance function, heat dissipation performance and bonding performance, and can fully meet the requirements of thermal conductivity bonding of electronic components.


Environmental requirements: comply with RoHS directive and related environmental requirements

Citation standard :HG/T 3947-2007 single component RT-vulcanized silicone adhesive/sealant


Scope of application

Thermal conductive silica gel can be widely coated in a variety of electronic products, electrical equipment in the heating body (power tube, thyristor, electric heating pile, etc.) and heat dissipation facilities (heat sink, heat strip, shell, etc.) between the contact surface, heat transfer media. Suitable for microwave communication, microwave transmission equipment, microwave special power supply, voltage regulation power supply and other microwave devices surface coating or integral pooping, such silicon materials for heat generation of electronic components, provide excellent thermal conductivity effect. Such as: transistors, CPU assembly, thermistors, temperature sensors, automotive electronic parts, automotive refrigerators, power modules, printers and so on.


Product standard

◆ In line with GB 33372-2020(VOC) volatile organic compounds certification, ◆ in line with REACH EU testing standards, ◆ enterprises through the flame retardant grade UL certification E358706◆ISO14001:2015 certification, ◆ISO9001:2015 certification, ◆ reference standard: HG/T3947-2007 Single component room temperature vulcanized silicone adhesive/sealant ◆ Passed the national high-tech enterprise certification ◆ Our products have passed 1000 hours of cold and heat shock test, 1000 hours of double 85(high temperature and high humidity) test, 1000 hours of high temperature aging test, committed to providing reliable thermal conductivity solutions for automotive, communications, security and other industries.


Application industry

High-performance thermal and thermal silicone is widely used in: home appliance industry, electronics industry, communications industry, security industry, automotive industry, sports equipment industry, shipbuilding industry, etc.


Electrical/mechanical properties (At TA=25℃)

Argument Symbol Test standard

Performance index

Hardness shore A


GB/T 531.1


Elongation %


GB/T 528


Tensile strength MPa


GB/T 528


Shear strength MPa


GB/T 7124


Dielectric strength kV/mm


GB/T 1695


Dielectric constant 1.0MHz


GB/T 1693


Volume resistivity Ω·cm


GB/T 1692



Limiting parameter number (AtTA =25℃)



Numerical value

Table drying time min



Curing time H



Thermal conductivity W/m·K



Specific gravity g/cm³



Operating temperature


-60°C To +260°C

Storage temperature


 10°C To +25°C 


Computer cpu heat conduction silicone how to use

Thermal silica gel is a heat dissipation heat conduction medium, used to fill the gap between the CPU and the heat sink, thereby increasing the contact surface to improve the heat dissipation effect. Before applying silicone grease, start the machine and preheat for half a minute, and then remove the heat. At this time, the silicone grease is basically softened. Wipe off the silicone grease of the CPU and radiator with a paper towel.


The thermal conductive silicone sheet is gently attached to the surface of the CPU, and the hand is gently pressed to make the thermal conductive silicone sheet can be attached to the surface of the CPU, and the air on the surface of the thermal conductive silicone sheet and the CPU is discharged to the maximum extent, reducing the thermal resistance of the interface and increasing the contact area, and improving the effect of heat dissipation and thermal conductivity. Finally, after the other side of the thinner release film is removed, the radiator is gently pressed on the surface of the thermal silicone gasket, and then it is fixed using screws and buckles. Through the fixing effect of screws and buckles, the thermal silicone sheet will be compressed after being compressed, and the air will be discharged from the surface of the material to reduce the thermal resistance.


The specific steps are as follows:

1, preparation: First of all, make sure to turn off the computer and disconnect the power supply to avoid electric shock or other unsafe situations. Prepare thermal gel, alcohol or detergent, non-woven cloth or cotton swabs.

2, cleaning treatment: Use a cotton swab or non-woven cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol or detergent, gently wipe the surface of the CPU and radiator, clean it. Make sure to remove any dirt, dust, and old thermal glue.

3, the spread of heat conduction silicone: the right amount of heat conduction silicone is squeezed in the center of the CPU, usually only a small piece of silicone, about the size of rice grains. Be careful not to squeeze too much, so as not to over-apply and affect heat conduction.

4, evenly apply: Use a cotton swab or plastic scraper, gently apply heat dissipation and thermal conductivity silicone evenly on the surface of the CPU. Try to keep the coating as thin and even as possible, ensuring that the entire surface is covered.

5, Install the heat sink: After the heat dissipation and heat conduction silicone is applied, gently place the heat sink on the CPU to ensure that the heat sink is in complete contact with the CPU surface. Depending on the design of the heat sink, setting screws may be required to keep the heat sink firmly mounted on the CPU.

6, test and adjustment: reassemble the computer and connect the power supply, start the test. Observe the CPU temperature and system performance to determine whether the heat dissipation is normal. If necessary, you can further adjust the application of heat conduction silicone and the installation of heat dissipation system to achieve better heat dissipation effect.

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