S-3911W special paste adhesive for automobile lights, one-component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber

Product model: SD911BT one-component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber


Characteristics: This product is a single-component organic silicon compound in a translucent micro-fluid form. Solvent-free and non-corrosive, it has good acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance and weather resistance, and can be used at -20~260℃. This product has good electrical insulation properties, moisture-proof and shock-proof functions and bonding properties, and can fully meet the bonding requirements of electronic components.


Environmental protection requirements: Comply with RoHS directive and related environmental protection requirements      

Reference standard: HG/T 3947-2007 One-component room temperature vulcanized silicone adhesive/sealant



Mainly used in bonding, sealing and coating of various electronic components, instruments, machinery and stone.


Electrical/mechanical properties (At TA=25℃)



standard test


Hardnessshore A


GB/T 531.1

30 ±5



GB/T 528


Tensile strength MPa


GB/T 528


Shear strengthMPa


GB/T 7124


Dielectric strengthkV/mm


GB/T 1695


Dielectric constant 1.0MHz


GB/T 1693


Volume resistivityΩ · cm


GB/T 1692

≥1.0×10 14


Limit parameters (At TA=25℃)



numerical value


Surface drying time


2 ~5


Curing time


twenty four




1.0 ±0.1

g/ cm³

Operating temperature


-20°C To +260°C

Storage temperature

 tT _

 10°C to +25°C 


Special paste adhesive for automotive lights usually has the following characteristics:

1. High temperature resistance: It can maintain stability and bonding strength in high temperature environments and will not become embrittled or lost due to rising temperatures.

2. Weather resistance: It can resist the corrosion of ultraviolet rays, rain and chemical substances, and will not deteriorate or lose its adhesion due to the influence of the external environment.

3. Vibration resistance: It can withstand vibration and impact when the car is running, and maintain the stability and bonding strength of the lamp assembly.

4. Good adhesion: It can provide reliable bonding effect and ensure the sealing and firmness of the lamp assembly.

5. Paste form: It has high viscosity and fluidity, is easy to apply and use, and is suitable for lamp components of different shapes and structures.


When using special paste adhesive for car lights, you should pay attention to the following matters:

1. Cleaning: Make sure the surface of the lamp assembly is clean and free of grease and impurities so that the adhesive can have good adhesion.

2. Apply evenly: Use an appropriate amount of adhesive and apply it evenly on the parts that need to be bonded and sealed.

3. Curing time: Control the curing time according to the instructions and requirements of the adhesive to achieve the best bonding effect.

4. Full curing: After the adhesive is cured, sufficient time should be waited to ensure the stability and bonding strength of the lamp assembly.


Packaging, storage and transportation requirements

Transportation: There are no regulations for domestic (CN-GB) and international (IMO, IATA, UN). It is a non-dangerous goods.



①The packaging of materials has a certain protective and sealing effect on the materials to ensure that the materials are not damaged during transportation.

② The product model, name, quantity, manufacturer’s trademark, production batch and other information should be printed on the packaging box.

③The packaging box should meet the requirements of moisture-proof, shock-proof, pressure-proof and mildew-proof.


Storage: Products packaged in boxes should be stored in a cool, dry environment with an ambient temperature below 26°C. There should be no acid, alkaline or other corrosive gases in the surrounding air. Under the above conditions, the storage period can be six months from the production date. The material remains qualified within these six months.


Packaging specifications: 100ml aluminum tube, 310mlPE tube, 2600mlPE tube

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