S-3907 electronic potting compound (flowing type), one-component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber

Product model: SD907W one-component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber


Features: S-3907 electronic potting glue (flowing type), white paste. Electronic potting glue is a special glue used for sealing and protecting electronic devices. It has good insulation, vibration and heat resistance and can be used to protect electronic components from moisture, dust, vibration and heat. S-3907 electronic potting glue (flowing type) has good electrical insulation properties and bonding properties, and can fully meet the bonding requirements of electronic components.



Used for bonding and filling between electronic and electrical products. It is used for bonding and filling between circuit substrates and other materials. It has excellent adhesion and is non-corrosive to copper and PC (polycarbonate).


Electrical/mechanical properties (At TA=25℃)



standard test


Hardnessshore A


GB/T 531.1


Elongation %


GB/T 528


Tensile strength MPa


GB/T 528


Shear strength MPa

σ c

GB/T 7124


Dielectric strengthkV /mm


GB/T 1695


Dielectric constant 1.0MHz


GB/T 1693


Volume resistivity Ω· cm


GB/T 1692

≥10 13

Dielectric loss 1.0MHZ


GB/T 1693


Linear shrinkage %


HG/T 2625


Breakdown strengthkV /mm


GB/T 1695


AC withstand voltage kV





Limit parameters (At TA=25℃)



numerical value


Surface drying time


10 ~30


Curing time






1.5 ±0.1

g/ cm³

Operating temperature


-20°C To +260°C

Storage temperature

 tT _

 10°C to +25°C 


The main features and applications of electronic potting glue are as follows:

1. Insulation: Electronic potting glue has excellent insulation properties, which can prevent electronic devices from being damaged by humid environments, water vapor and other external factors, and effectively prevent current leakage and short circuits.

2. Anti-vibration: Electronic potting glue has good anti-vibration performance, which can reduce the loosening and breakage of electronic devices in a vibrating environment and ensure the normal operation and reliability of the device.

3. Heat resistance: Electronic potting glue can withstand higher temperatures, protect electronic devices from the impact of high temperature environments, and prevent components from failing or being damaged due to excessive temperature.

4. Flexibility and adhesion: Electronic potting glue has a certain degree of flexibility and elasticity, and can bond closely with electronic devices, fill the gap between the device and the external environment, and prevent the potting glue from falling off and further physical damage.

5. Protective: Electronic potting glue can provide protection against dust, chemical substances and moisture to a certain extent, extending the service life of the device.

Electronic potting glue is mainly used in electronic equipment manufacturing, communication equipment, automotive electronics, industrial controllers, LED lighting and other fields. When using it specifically, you should choose the appropriate brand and model of potting glue according to your needs, and follow the operating guidelines and precautions provided by the manufacturer.


When using electronic potting glue, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

1. Select the appropriate potting glue: Select the appropriate electronic potting glue according to the requirements of the electronic device and environmental conditions. Taking into account the high temperature resistance, vibration resistance, insulation and other characteristics, ensure the compatibility of the potting glue and the device.

2. Clean the working area: Before performing the potting operation, ensure that the working area is clean and tidy to reduce contamination and damage after the potting glue is cured.

3. Choose the appropriate amount of potting glue: Control the amount of potting glue to avoid using too much or too little. Too much potting glue may result in too much glue volume, excessive relief pressure or insufficient flow, while too little potting glue may not meet the sealing and protection requirements.

4. Evenly apply: Apply the potting glue evenly on the surface of the electronic device to ensure that all parts are potted and protected. Use specialized tools or equipment to ensure the coating is even and free of bubbles and defects.

5. Control the curing time of the potting glue: According to the curing time and requirements of the potting glue, control the curing time of the potting glue. Do not disturb or move the electronics prematurely as this may affect the curing process and effect.

6. Pay attention to temperature and humidity: During the potting process, attention should be paid to the temperature and humidity of the environment. High temperature and moisture may affect the speed and effectiveness of the potting compound's cure, so potting operations must be performed under appropriate environmental conditions.

7. Active protection: When using electronic potting glue, personal protective measures should be taken, such as wearing gloves, goggles and appropriate protective clothing. Avoid contact of potting compound with skin, eyes or mouth.

8. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines: Follow the usage guidelines and operating procedures provided by the potting glue manufacturer to ensure the correct and safe use of electronic potting glue.


Packaging, storage and transportation requirements


There are no regulations for domestic (CN-GB) and international (IMO, IATA, UN). It is a non-dangerous goods.



①The packaging of materials has a certain protective and sealing effect on the materials to ensure that the materials are not damaged during transportation.

② The product model, name, quantity, manufacturer’s trademark, production batch and other information should be printed on the packaging box.

③The packaging box should meet the requirements of moisture-proof, shock-proof, pressure-proof and mildew-proof.


Storage: Products packaged in boxes should be stored in a cool, dry environment with an ambient temperature below 26°C. There should be no acid, alkaline or other corrosive gases in the surrounding air. Under the above conditions, the storage period can be six months from the production date. The material remains qualified within these six months.


Packaging specifications: 50ml aluminum tube, 300mlPE tube .

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