SD6108 two-component silicone potting glue 10:1, moisture-proof potting protective glue for electronic appliances

Product model: SD6108 two-component silicone potting glue

Features: This product is a two-component product that cross-links through a condensation reaction and solidifies into a high-performance elastomer. The product has superior performance, stable quality, good weather resistance, long-lasting bonding force, and maintains rubber elasticity in the range of -60 to 200°C. , excellent insulation performance, good yellowing resistance (yellowing resistance for more than 1 year); it is an ideal material for LED displays, circuit boards, and module potting.


Product Standards

Complies with GB 33372-2020 (VOC) volatile organic compound certification, REACH EU testing standards, and the company has passed the flame retardant UL certification E358706 ISO14001:2015 certification, ISO9001:2015 certification, cited standards: HG/T3947-2007 single-component room temperature vulcanization Silicone adhesives/sealants must pass the national high-tech enterprise. Our products have passed the 1000-hour hot and cold shock test, the 1000-hour double 85 (high temperature and high humidity) test, and the 1000-hour high temperature aging test. We are committed to serving automobiles, communications, and security. Provide reliable thermal conductivity solutions to other industries.



Electronic and electrical moisture-proof potting protective glue is mainly used for high-voltage resistance and insulation fixation of electronic accessories; moisture-proof, waterproof sealing and potting protection of electronic and electrical modules and PCB substrates, high-power electronic components, module power supplies, point light sources, pixel tubes, and printing It is used for circuit boards, HID ballasts, automotive appliances, general insulation molding and moisture-proof potting protection of various electronic appliances. It is used for waterproof packaging of outdoor LED outdoor displays. It is a silicone highly elastic electronic component potting material.


Technical Parameters


Test items


numerical value




Appearance (A)

Visual inspection

transparent fluid

Appearance (B)

Visual inspection

Light yellow or colorless fluid

Mixed color

Visual inspection


Viscosity of component A mPa · s

GB/T 2794

1000 ~1500

Viscosity of component B mPa · s

GB/T 2794

20 ~30





Two-component mixing ratio (weight ratio) A:B

10 :1

Viscosity after mixing mPa ·s

GB/T 2794

800 ~1500

Operation timemin

GB/T 7123.1

30 ~60

Initial curing time H

GB/T 7123.1

6 ~ 8

Full curing time H

GB/T 7123.1

twenty four

Relative specific gravity g/cm³


1.0 ±0.1





GB/T 531

15 ~30

Dielectric strengthkV/mm

GB/T 1694


Dielectric constant 1MHz

GB/T 1694


Volume resistivityΩ · cm 

GB/T 1692

 ≥1.0×10 15

Tensile strength MPa

GB/T 528


Bake at 80 ℃  for 144h )


No yellowing

Operating temperature range


-60 ℃~200℃





How to use and precautions

Gel time adjustment: increasing or decreasing the proportion of A/B components can extend or shorten the gel time of the product. When customers use it, make fine adjustments as needed; as the ratio of A/B increases, risks may occur. The phenomenon of oil or incomplete curing; as the ratio of A/B decreases, the rubber will become harder, the elasticity will decrease, or it will be corrosive to the plastic kit.

Mixing: Mix the rubber thoroughly and evenly by hand or machine so that the rubber has a uniform color. When using the manual glue filling process, be careful not to add too much glue at one time, otherwise the fluidity will be reduced later and it will be difficult to fill the glue.

Potting: The device surface and mixing container should be kept clean and dry before potting.

Curing: Do not completely seal or heat the potted device before the small molecular substances generated during the curing process are completely released. If complete sealing is required, the product must be exposed to the air after use. It can be carried out for more than 7 days. seal.

This product is non-dangerous, but please keep it out of your mouth or eyes.

Store in a cool, dry place away from rain and sunlight. The shelf life is six months under unopened conditions at 26°C.


Packaging, storage and transportation requirements

Transportation: There are no regulations for domestic (CN-GB) and international (IMO, IATA, UN). It is a non-dangerous goods.



①The packaging of materials has a certain protective and sealing effect on the materials to ensure that the materials are not damaged during transportation.

② The product model, name, quantity, manufacturer’s trademark, production batch and other information should be printed on the packaging box.

③The packaging box should meet the requirements of moisture-proof, shock-proof, pressure-proof and mildew-proof.


Storage: Products packaged in boxes with moisture-proof potting protective glue for electronic appliances should be stored in a cool, dry environment with an ambient temperature below 26°C. There should be no acid, alkaline or other corrosive gases in the surrounding air. Under the above conditions, from the date of production It can be stored for six months, and the material is still qualified within these six months.

Packing specifications: 11kg/set (component A 10kg + component B 1kg)



Users must read the relevant information of this product carefully before using this product. Users are responsible for conducting comprehensive tests according to their respective uses to confirm its performance, effectiveness, safety, etc.

Our company disclaims any other warranties stated or implied. If your company uses the product directly without conducting corresponding performance testing, resulting in substandard products, our company and the intermediary sales legal person will not bear any responsibility, hereby declare!

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