SD6109 two component polyurethane sealing adhesive 1:1, polyurethane adhesive (PU adhesive)

Product model: SD6109 two-component polyurethane potting adhesive

Characteristics: This product is a two component room temperature cured 100% solid polyurethane resin system that does not contain any solvents. After curing, it is clear and transparent. It is widely used for LED point light sources and light strips, as well as surface adhesive drops on nameplates,. After curing, SD6109 has extremely excellent weather resistance and UV resistance, ensuring that it remains yellow in December when there are no bright spots at 25 ℃ in a greenhouse; The cured light strip or point light source has a smooth and transparent surface with excellent waterproof performance, which can improve the quality and service life of the light strip or point light source. And we can develop polyurethane adhesive (PU adhesive) according to customer requirements.

Environmental requirements: Comply with RoHS directives and related environmental requirements


Executive standard for two-component polyurethane potting adhesive

Complies with GB 33372-2020 (VOC) certification for volatile organic compounds, REACH EU testing standards, and the enterprise has passed UL certification for flame retardancy level E358706, ISO14001:2015 certification, ISO9001:2015 certification. Reference standard: HG/T3947-2007, single component room temperature vulcanization requires silicone adhesive/sealant. Through national high-tech enterprises. Our products have passed 1000 hours of cold and hot impact testing, 1000 hours of dual 85 (high temperature and humidity) testing, and 1000 hours of high temperature aging testing, committed to providing reliable thermal conductivity solutions for industries such as automobiles, communication, and security.


Application of Two Component Polyurethane Sealing Adhesive

Widely used in reverse imaging, washing machines, bread machines, water heaters, dishwashers, intelligent toilets, pulse igniters, electric drills, dental cleaning machines, underwater submersibles, sensors, landscape lights, electromagnetic water heaters, underwater pipelines, leakage detection boards, intelligent sports shoes, and other adhesive sealing applications.


Technical parameters of two-component polyurethane potting adhesive

performance index

Testing items

Reference standards

numerical value





Colorless transparent liquid or slightly yellow




Color after mixing



Component A viscosity mPa·s

GB/T 2794


Component B viscosity mPa·s

GB/T 2794




Dual component mixing ratio (weight ratio)A:B

1 :1

Viscosity after mixing mPa·s

GB/T 2794

1000 ±200

TIME (100g,25℃)min

GB/T 7123.1


Homplete curing time H

GB/T 7123.1


Relative Specific Gravityg/cm³






GB/T 531

60 ±5


GB/T 528


Water absorption

After 7 days of soaking


tensile strength MPa

GB/T 528


bake80℃  24h


No yellowing

Operating temperature range







Usage and precautions of two-component polyurethane sealing adhesive

Manual infusion process: Control the ambient temperature at 25 ℃ and relative humidity<70%. 6109 AB adhesive may crystallize at low temperatures. Please heat at 40 ℃ to recover to a clear liquid before use. Place a point light source or light strip on a horizontal plane. Clean the dust and oil stains on the surface of the light source of the light strip. Accurately weigh 6109A and 6109B, and mix thoroughly and evenly in a 1:1 weight ratio. Vacuum the mixture to remove bubbles. When stirring without vacuum mercury, please pay attention to slowly stirring clockwise and evenly dripping onto the surface of the lamp strip or point light source. Curing can be completed in 4-5 hours and can be collected and boxed. When the temperature is low, the curing time will be correspondingly longer.


Mechanical drip injection process: Pour 6109A and 6109B into the A and B barrels of the fully automatic drip machine, respectively. Clean the dust and oil stains on the surface of the light strip. Clean the pipeline mixer and pouring head with dichloromethane. Pour materials, remove air bubbles from pipelines, mixers, and pouring heads. Start normal homework dispensing. When the temperature is low, the curing time will correspondingly increase.


Note: When the automatic adhesive dripping machine needs to be cleaned, dichloromethane solvent can be used for cleaning.


This product is not a hazardous material, but do not enter or eye contact.

Store in a cool and dry place, avoiding rain and sunlight. The shelf life is three months under unopened conditions at 26 ℃.


Packaging, storage and transportation requirements for two-component polyurethane sealing adhesive


There are no regulations in China (CN-GB) or internationally (IMO, IATA, UN). It belongs to non hazardous goods.



① The packaging of materials has a certain protective and sealing effect on the materials, ensuring that they are not damaged during transportation.
② The packaging box should have product model, name, quantity, manufacturer's trademark, production batch, and other information.
③ The packaging box should meet the requirements of moisture resistance, shock resistance, pressure resistance, and mold resistance.


Storage: Products packaged in boxes should be stored in a cool and dry environment with an ambient temperature below 26 ℃. The surrounding air should be free of acidic, alkaline, or other corrosive gases. Under these conditions, the product can be stored for six months from the production date, and the material remains qualified within these three months.

Packaging specifications: 5KG, 10KG, 20KG/set


Declaration of Two Component Polyurethane Sealing Adhesive

Users must carefully read the relevant information of this product before using it. Users are responsible for conducting comprehensive tests based on their respective uses to confirm its performance, effectiveness, safety, etc.
Our company denies any other expressed or implied warranties. If your company fails to conduct corresponding performance tests and directly uses the product, resulting in unqualified products, our company and the intermediary sales legal person shall not bear any responsibility. We hereby declare!

Product description

Overview: SD6109 polyurethane sealing adhesive material is transparent, low viscosity, easy to operate, and has good resistance to yellowing, aging, acid and alkali, as well as good adhesion to metals such as tin, rubber, plastic, and wood. The cured sealing material can prevent the installed and debugged electronic components and circuits from being affected by vibration, corrosion, moisture, and dust, with a temperature resistance range of -60~120 ℃.
Application: Widely used for LED point light sources and light strips, as well as for surface adhesive dripping on nameplates.

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