SD811 epoxy resin ab adhesive is transparent and cured for 60 minutes, and metal hardened structural adhesive

Product model: SD811 epoxy resin AB adhesive

Characteristics: SD811 epoxy resin AB adhesive is a two-component high-temperature resistant adhesive based on epoxy resin, with high strength, weak acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, low odor, resistance to most chemical media, extreme temperatures, and excellent electrical insulation properties. Mainly suitable for bonding high-temperature resistant metals, ceramics, etc.

Environmental requirements: Comply with RoHS directives and related environmental requirements


Product standards

Complies with GB 33372-2020 (VOC) certification for volatile organic compounds, REACH EU testing standards, and the enterprise has passed UL certification for flame retardancy level E358706, ISO14001:2015 certification, ISO9001:2015 certification. Reference standard: HG/T3947-2007, single component room temperature vulcanization requires silicone adhesive/sealant. Through national high-tech enterprises. Our products have passed 1000 hours of cold and hot impact testing, 1000 hours of dual 85 (high temperature and humidity) testing, and 1000 hours of high temperature aging testing, committed to providing reliable thermal conductivity solutions for industries such as automobiles, communication, and security.



Mainly used for bonding metal, ceramics, glass, electroplating/baking paint/magnetic materials, such as for bonding high-temperature resistant components such as aircraft models and motors.


Technical parameters (At TA=25 ℃)

Epoxy resin AB adhesive

SD811  A

SD811  B




Viscosity (mPa. s 25 ℃)



Specific gravity (g/ml 25 ℃)



Proportioning (weight ratio pbw)



Normal temperature gel time






Temperatureresistance range (℃)


Hardness (Shore D)


Epoxy equivalent (g/eq)



Active hydrogen equivalent g/eq



Hot deformation temperature HDT


Volume resistivity



Volume resistivity



Shear strength of different materials(Mpa)








Usage and precautions

Equipped with an AB glue gun and thread mixing head, the glue can be applied. The thickness of the adhesive layer should preferably be 0.05mm. The adhesive after application should be immediately assembled and tightly clamped, and uniform contact pressure will ensure maximum bonding strength. To achieve the highest mechanical strength, the material surface can be polished or sandblasted, and then the surface dust and oil stains can be wiped with a special solvent. It is necessary to apply adhesive on both sides of the bonding area, and then fix the bonding area to avoid misalignment. Do not cross the caps of AB and AB to prevent contamination of the original adhesive.


This product has a slightly irritating odor. Please wear a gas mask and anti-corrosion gloves when operating.
Cover at any time after each material collection to avoid moisture absorption affecting curing and performance.
Use this product extensively in a well ventilated area.


Packaging, storage and transportation requirements

This product is packaged in AB mixed tube, 64g/piece. It is transported as a non hazardous material and should be stored in a dry and cool place (below 5 ℃~26 ℃). The shelf life of this product is within 12 months from the date of manufacture.



The technical data involved in this article was obtained under laboratory standard conditions, and our company guarantees that it is reliable, but it is not used as a product acceptance standard and is only for reference. Due to differences in user usage conditions, material status, and curing conditions, some changes in actual performance data are normal phenomena. Storage conditions, transportation, and other factors can have an impact on the stability and mechanical properties of the adhesive. We are not responsible for the results obtained by anyone using methods beyond our control.

Product description

Mainly used for bonding metal, ceramics, glass, electroplating/baking paint/magnetic materials, such as for bonding high-temperature resistant components such as aircraft models and motors.

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