SD601D ultraviolet light-curing shadowless adhesive strong adhesion crystal adhesive acrylic adhesive


Mishima you can trust to give you 9 reasons to buy crystal glue acrylic adhesive, determine the shadowless glue you are looking for, can be cured by sunlight or with the help of UV lamp, high transparency, beautiful traceless, low odor, no whitish, fast curing, firm bonding, wide application, green environmental protection, simple operation.


Are you experiencing any of the following issues? Crystal glue acrylic adhesive helps you solve daily maintenance problems

 Glass coffee table and legs falling off?

 Broken glass products?

 Broken crystal trophies?

 Crystal crafts broken?

 Damaged souvenirs?

 Loose ornaments fall off, etc....



 Mishima Shadowless Glue solves it for you!

High strength and easy construction, no corrosion and no pollution, crystal glue acrylic shadowless adhesive solves your troubles ~ glass bonding glass, glass bonding metal, glass bonding wood, crystal trophy bonding, crystal jewelry bonding, ceramic product bonding, acrylic bonding.


 Crystal glue acrylic adhesive is widely used

A bottle of crystal glue acrylic adhesive solves a variety of problems and saves costs. It can be used for: glass coffee table, glass bonding, crystal trophies, crystal jewelry, acrylic bonding, ceramic bonding.

 Shadow gel details

 Product name: Mishima ultraviolet light curing adhesive

 Model: SD601D

 Product color: clear liquid

 Product specifications: 50ML/bottle

 Product packaging: plastic bottles

 Positioning time: 2 seconds

 Tensile Strength: >20 (MPa)

 Shelf life: 12 months

 Storage conditions: The product should be stored in a cool, dry environment.

Product use: suitable for bonding metal, ceramic, glass, electroplating, baking paint, magnetic materials, etc.


 The reason why crystal glue acrylic adhesive does not cure

1. The material is not suitable: UV glue requires that the two sides of the bonded material are at least transparent, otherwise the material is not suitable for UV glue.

2. The ultraviolet intensity is not enough: if the glue surface is large, you need to choose a high-power ultraviolet lamp, otherwise the glue curing will be very slow, if you choose the ultraviolet curing of natural light (ultraviolet light is invisible), you need to choose the period of strong sunlight, and the natural curing speed varies depending on the intensity of ultraviolet radiation.

3. The surface dry is not easy to cure: under most ultraviolet irradiation conditions, only the light-transmitting material irradiates the glue to make the glue solidify, and it is difficult to cure if the glue is directly irradiated, and the glue is not suitable for surface coating.


 Crystal glue acrylic adhesive curing time

Depending on the curing lamp, the curing time will be different, and it is confirmed that the UV intensity can be cured in a short irradiation time, and vice versa, a longer curing time is required.


 The irradiation temperature is controlled according to the material

Many plastics have low heat resistance and require a cooling treatment to prevent deformation of excessively high plastics when curing.


 Crystal glue acrylic shadowless gel precautions

1. This product has a slight irritation on the skin and eyes, if it accidentally enters the eyes, please rinse it with a large amount of water immediately, and if there is still discomfort, go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, and rinse it with a large amount of water in a soap box immediately after skin contact.

2. It is impossible to pour the remaining glue back to the original packaging to avoid contamination and sealed storage.

 3. Do not use children to touch and play.

4. Whether it is the lamp we send here or the ultraviolet lamp bought anywhere, it cannot irradiate people's heads, eyes, and children's play.

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