UV-curable adhesives, one-component UV-curable acrylic adhesives


 Product Model: SD3056 ultraviolet shadowless light curing adhesive

Properties: This product is a one-component UV-curable acrylic adhesive with a light yellow transparent liquid. The product is specially designed for the bonding of the cable, with high viscosity, high thixotropy, moderate curing speed, drop resistance, and good weather resistance.

 Environmental protection requirements: in line with RoHS directives and related environmental protection requirements

Citation: HG/T 3947-2007 One-component room temperature vulcanized silicone adhesive/sealant


 UV shadowless curing adhesive application

It is mainly designed for the bonding and fixing of various electronic components and glass and plastic substrates.


 Product performance of UV shadowless light-curing adhesive before curing

 Appearance - light yellow, transparent viscous liquid

Viscosity (@25°C, rotational viscometer) - 18000mPa·s


 UV shadowless curing adhesive curing conditions

SD3056 cures under sufficient UV exposure, and its speed and depth depend on the light intensity, the spectral distribution of the light source, the irradiation time, and the light transmittance of the adherent material. The following data were measured under UV radiation of 110 mW/cm2 from a high-pressure mercury lamp:

 Positioning time (S) - 4

 Deep curing time (1mm, S) - 15

 Full curing energy – 1000 mJ/cm2


 Product performance of UV shadowless curing adhesive after curing

The following data were measured after curing with a cumulative energy of 1000 mJ/cm2 from a high-pressure mercury lamp source:

 Hardness (Shore D) – 60

 Coefficient of thermal expansion (/°C) – 8.2×10-5

Bonding substrate (1 cm2) – Bond strength (kg/cm2)


 Stainless steel/GLASS – ≥7.5


 Weather resistance test of ultraviolet shadowless light-curing adhesive

The following data were measured after curing with a cumulative energy of 1000 mJ/cm2 from a high-pressure mercury lamp source:


 Test conditions

 Bond Strength Retention (%)

 PC/Aluminum substrate

 65℃ 90% RH (72H)


 PMMA/aluminum substrates

 65℃ 90% RH (72H)


 PC/Aluminum substrate

 -25℃  RH (72H)


 PMMA/aluminum substrates

 -25℃  RH (72H)



 Ultraviolet shadowless light curing instantaneous adhesive use method and precautions

One of the two objects to be bonded is transparent and the surface is clean, dry and grease-free;

Apply UV adhesive to one of the surfaces, close the two planes, and irradiate with a UV lamp or a high-pressure mercury lamp with a suitable wavelength (usually 365nm-400nm) and energy, from the center to the periphery, and confirm that the light can indeed penetrate the adhesive part;

It is recommended that when the light is about 6s and the initial positioning is carried out, the remaining glue on the workpiece should be removed and then re-illuminated to complete curing;

The curing time should be different according to different preparation materials, adhesive thickness, and UV intensity. It is recommended that users purchase an ultraviolet intensity tester to test the light intensity before bonding to reduce the scrap rate;

The temperature also has a little effect on the activity of the glue, and the curing time should be appropriately extended when the temperature is low;

The material to be bonded should not be squeezed and repeatedly rubbed during operation, and it is recommended to use fixing tools;

When bonding plastics, the content of ultraviolet absorbers in plastics should be considered, as high content will seriously affect the transmittance of ultraviolet rays, which will also have a significant impact on the curing efficiency of the glue, and even cause the glue to fail to cure;

Low-viscosity products are recommended for large-area bonding. If the conditions are available, it is best to purchase vacuum equipment and laminate in a vacuum environment to remove bubbles and improve the yield rate;

The above instructions are for reference only, and the specific operation needs to be adjusted appropriately according to the specific situation.


 Packaging, storage, and transportation requirements

Transportation: There are no regulations for domestic (CN-GB) and international (IMO, IATA, UN). It is a non-dangerous good.


(1) The packaging of the material has a certain protective and sealing effect on the material to ensure that the material is not damaged during transportation.

(2) The packaging box should have product model, name, quantity, manufacturer's trademark, production batch and other information.

 (3) The packing box should meet the requirements of moisture-proof, shock-proof, pressure-proof and mildew-proof.


Storage: The products packed into boxes should be stored in a cool and dry environment below the ambient temperature of 28 °C, and there should be no acidic, alkaline or other corrosive gases in the surrounding air, and under the above conditions, the storage period can be 12 months from the production date, and the materials are still qualified within these 12 months.

 Packing: 250ml, 1kg


 UV shadowless light-curing adhesive statement

Users must carefully read the relevant information of this product before using this product, and it is the user's responsibility to conduct a comprehensive test according to their respective uses to confirm its performance, effect, safety, etc.

We disclaim any other warranties stated or implied. If the product is unqualified due to the direct use of your company without the corresponding performance test, the company and the intermediate sales legal person do not assume any responsibility, hereby declare!

 This product is not dangerous goods, but do not enter and eyes.

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