SD108 digital product cyanoacrylate, electronic cigarette instant adhesive

 Model: SD108 instant glue

Characteristics: Electronic cigarette instant adhesive low whitening, low odor instant glue, high viscosity products can be used for precision slightly lower mating parts, can also be used for porous surfaces, especially used in jewelry and cosmetics industry handicraft applications.



Suitable for: non-albino bonding for digital products, USB flash drives, cameras, mobile phones, MP3, MP4, earphones, electronic cigarettes, medical appliances, plastic products, high-end toys, electronics, vocal music and other high-demand products.


 Technical parameters

 Test items


 Chemical type


 Before chemistry


 Colorless and transparent

 Viscosity (mpa.s)


 Density (g/cm³)


 After curing

 Shear Strength (Mpa)


 Temperature Range(°C)


 Fixed time(s)


 Full Solid Time (h)


 Maximum Filling Gap (mm)


Note: It is recommended to use Mishima Instant Adhesive Accelerator SD-32 to speed up the curing speed, and the performance of Mishima Instant Adhesive Primer SD-31 or above is above 25°C, and the measurement after 3 days of full curing may vary due to changes in environment, temperature, and humidity conditions.



(1) Use a dry cloth or sandpaper to remove dust, oil molder, steel rust, etc. from the joint, and then wipe it with acetone or trichloroethylene to clean the joint.

(2) Open the front cover, flick the tip with your fingers so that there is no residual liquid, and then poke the hole with the attached needle.

(3) Drop a small drop of adhesive on the surface to be connected, immediately carry out the following, and keep it until hardening, ranging from a few seconds to several minutes when hardening; It takes about 30 minutes to reach practical intensity, and after 24 hours it reaches its maximum intensity.

 (4) Wipe the tip of the container after use and close the lid.



 (1) The steam of this adhesive will puncture the mucous membranes and eyes.

(2) When touching your hands, you can wash it with soap, water, and pumice. Otherwise, it will condense in your hands after a while. It will take a few days to recede.

(3) Avoid contact with skin and eyes, if accidental, wash immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention immediately.


 Packaging, storage, and transportation requirements

This product is packed in plastic bottles, the specifications are 20g/bottle, 1000g/bottle, this product should be stored in a dry and cool place (below 25°C). This product has a shelf life of up to 12 months from the date of manufacture.



The technical data involved in this article are obtained under laboratory standard conditions, and the company guarantees that they are reliable, but they are not used as product acceptance criteria and are for reference only. Due to the different working conditions, material conditions and curing conditions of users, it is normal for some changes in actual performance data. Storage conditions, transportation and other factors will affect the stability and mechanical properties of the glue. We are not responsible for the results obtained by anyone using methods beyond our control.

It is recommended that users do a good test based on the data provided in this article before using it.

 It is hereby declared!

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