SD688 one-component flame retardant yellow gum, one-component room temperature vulcanized silicone adhesive

 Model: SD688 one-component flame retardant yellow glue

One-component flame retardant yellow gum is a special adhesive with flame retardant properties and is used as a single component without the need for other substances. Since flame retardant yellow rubber is typically used in one-component applications, it is simply applied to the surface to be bonded or sealed, and then allowed to cure under the appropriate conditions. Cured flame retardant yellow rubber provides a strong bond and seal, and is resistant to fire and high temperatures.


 Flame retardant yellow gum is usually composed of the following ingredients:

1. Yellow colloid: This is the basis of yellow glue, which can provide adhesion and curing properties.

2. Flame retardant: Flame retardant is a key ingredient to prevent the spread of flames, which can inhibit the spread of flames and reduce the fire.

3. Additives: Additives are often used to improve the properties of yellow rubber, such as enhancing adhesion and improving heat resistance.

The specific formulation and performance of flame retardant yellow gum will vary according to different application needs. Generally speaking, flame retardant yellow rubber has excellent flame retardant properties and high temperature resistance, and can maintain good stability under flame exposure. It is mainly used in electrical and electronics, aerospace, automotive and construction, and is used to bond and seal materials and components that require flame retardant properties.


 One-component flame retardant yellow gum application

One-component flame retardant yellow rubber is used for bonding and filling between electronic and electrical products. The bonding and filling between the circuit board and other materials has excellent adhesion and is non-corrosive to copper and PC (polycarbonate).


 Electrical/mechanical properties (At TA=25°C)



 Test Standards

 Performance metrics

 Hardness shore A


 GB/T 531.1


 Elongation %


 GB/T 528


 Tensile strength MPa


 GB/T 528


 Shear strength MPa


 GB/T 7124


 Dielectric strength kV/mm


 GB/T 1695


 The dielectric constant is 1.0MHz


 GB/T 1693


 Volume resistivity Ω·cm


 GB/T 1692

 ≥1.0×10 14

 Linear shrinkage %


 HG/T 2625


 Breakdown strength kV/mm


 GB/T 1695


 AC withstand voltage kV


 ASTM D149



 Limit parameter (At TA=25°C)     



 numeric value


 Surface drying time




 Curing time




 specific gravity




 Flame retardant




 Operating temperature


-35°C To +105°C

 Storage temperature


 10°C To +25°C 


 When using flame retardant yellow gum, the following matters need to be noted:

1. Use environment: Flame retardant yellow rubber is usually used in special environments, such as electronic appliances, aerospace, automobiles and other fields that require flame retardant performance. Please check whether the flame retardant characteristics are required in the use environment, and make sure that you choose the appropriate flame retardant yellow gum.

2. Operation safety: Please pay attention to personal safety when using flame retardant yellow glue. Follow the relevant operating safety protocols and ensure that appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, etc. are worn.

3. Application of surface treatment: In order to ensure the good adhesion of flame retardant yellow rubber, it is necessary to clean the application surface and remove any impurities such as grease and dust. Surface treatment can be carried out with appropriate detergents or solvents.

4. Appropriate curing conditions: flame retardant yellow rubber needs to be cured into a strong adhesive or seal after use. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to control the appropriate curing conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and curing time.

5. Storage and safekeeping: Proper storage and custody of yellow rubber can extend its validity period, please store flame retardant yellow rubber in a dry and cool place, away from fire sources and high temperature environments.

6. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for use: different flame retardant yellow rubber brands and models may have different usage methods and precautions. Please read and follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for use carefully.


 Flame retardant yellow rubber packaging and transportation

 The following matters need to be considered during the packaging and transportation of flame retardant yellow gum:

1. Packaging materials: Choose the right packaging materials to wrap flame retardant yellow rubber to protect it from external influences. Commonly used packaging materials include plastic bags, sealed cans, cartons, etc. Make sure that the packaging material has a certain corrosion resistance and pressure resistance.

2. Safety identification: indicate the relevant information of flame retardant yellow rubber on the packaging, such as product name, model, production date, batch number, etc. At the same time, according to the transportation regulations, the relevant dangerous goods signs and warning signs are marked on the packaging to ensure safe transportation.

3. Protective measures: ensure the tightness of the packaging and prevent the leakage or volatilization of flame retardant yellow gum. If needed, appropriate protective materials, such as fillers or absorbents, can be incorporated into the packaging to absorb possible leaks.

4. Transportation conditions: according to the characteristics and requirements of flame retardant yellow rubber, select the appropriate transportation mode and transport vehicle. During transportation, follow the relevant transportation regulations and standards to ensure the safe transportation of flame retardant yellow rubber.

5. Storage conditions: If you need to store flame retardant yellow rubber for a long time, it is recommended to store it in a dry, cool and ventilated environment, away from fire sources and high temperature environments.

Please note that specific packaging and shipping details may vary depending on the regulations and standards of different countries or regions. Before packaging and shipping flame retardant yellow gum, please ensure that you understand the relevant local regulatory requirements and follow the regulations. At the same time, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer of flame retardant yellow rubber or related professionals for more detailed packaging and shipping advice.

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