S-222 anaerobic thread gute glue, anaerobic thread sealant turns black at high temperature

Anaerobic thread sealant is a one-component seal adhesive, also known as a threadlock or retaining compound. It is cured on the surface of the active metal after the oxygen is removed from the adhesive layer. Uses of anaerobic thread sealants include preventing leakage and vibration loosening.


 Anaerobic thread sealant standard

Anaerobic thread sealants often have different standards depending on their field of use and product specifications. Here are some examples of common standards and specifications:

1. ASTM D5363: This is a standard issued by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) that specifies performance test methods for anaerobic thread sealants under different conditions.

2. ISO 10993: This is a standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to evaluate the biocompatibility of medical devices and medical products, including anaerobic thread sealants.

3. MIL-S-46163: This is a U.S. military standard that specifies the performance and reliability requirements of anaerobic thread sealants.

4. DIN 30660: This is a standard issued by the German Organization for Standardization (DIN), which specifies the performance requirements and test methods for anaerobic thread sealants.

In addition, countries and regions may have other relevant standards and specifications to guide the quality control and application of anaerobic thread sealant products.


 Anaerobic thread sealant turns black at high temperatures

In high temperature environments, anaerobic thread sealants may turn black. This is due to the fact that the high temperature can cause a chemical reaction of the ingredients in the glue, causing it to darken in color.

The darkening of anaerobic thread sealants may affect the appearance, but usually does not have a noticeable effect on their performance. Blackening is not necessarily an indication of a quality problem, but rather a natural variation due to the properties of the material itself at high temperatures.

If you are concerned about the performance and quality of your anaerobic thread sealant, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer or a relevant professional. They can provide more detailed information and answer your questions. In addition, follow the product instructions and safety precautions to ensure that the thread sealant is used within the appropriate temperature range to ensure the effectiveness and safety of use.

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