S-242 anaerobic thread gute glue, how to use anaerobic thread gute glue

Anaerobic thread gut adhesive is a one-component adhesive, also known as threadlock or retaining compound. It is cured on the surface of the active metal after the oxygen is removed from the adhesive layer. Hypoxic reaction requirements indicate that these products cannot bond glass, plastic, or rubber. These products reduce maintenance and leakage, helping to keep your plant running efficiently.


 How to use anaerobic thread gute glue

Anaerobic thread gute adhesive is a special adhesive used to provide sealing and fixing in threaded connections. The following is how to use anaerobic thread gute glue:

1. Preparation: Before starting, make sure that the work area is clean and that there is no grease, dirt or other impurities on the surface of the threads and accessories.

2. Clean the surface: Use a suitable solvent or surface cleaner to clean the surface of threads and accessories. Make sure to remove any dirt or grease thoroughly so that the glue can bond to the surface.

3. Gluing: Use a spray bottle or dropper to apply anaerobic thread gute glue to the thread. Rotate the thread to ensure that the glue adheres evenly across the entire thread surface. Be careful not to apply too much so that the glue does not spill and contaminate the other parts.

4. Threaded connection: Insert the threaded matching parts into the thread and start tightening. Make sure the threaded connection is tight, but don't overtighten. The glue cures with time and pressure and provides an additional sealing and holding effect.

5. Curing time: According to the model of anaerobic thread gute glue and the manufacturer's instructions, the curing time will be different. In general, it is advisable to wait for more than 24 hours to ensure that the glue is fully cured.



 1. Comply with the instructions and safety precautions on the product packaging.

2. Wear protective gloves and glasses when using to prevent glue from touching the skin and eyes.

3. When using anaerobic thread gute glue, attention should be paid to proper ventilation to avoid inhaling harmful gases.

 4. After use, cover the container tightly and store it in a cool and dry place.

Remember to use correctly according to the guidance and instructions for the specific product. If you have any questions or confusion, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer or relevant professionals for advice.


 Is anaerobic thread glue toxic?

Anaerobic thread adhesives may release gases or chemicals during the curing process, which may have some health effects. Whether or not it is toxic depends on the specific product and ingredients.

Anaerobic thread adhesives generally contain organic compounds such as methyl methacrylate, dimethyl methacrylate and silicone. These substances may produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other harmful gases during the curing process.

 The following points should be paid attention to when using anaerobic thread adhesives:

 Follow the product's instructions for use and safety precautions.

Appropriate protective gear, such as gloves and glasses, should be worn when using to prevent glue from coming into contact with the skin and eyes.

It is best to operate in a well-ventilated environment to reduce the risk of inhaling harmful gases.

 Avoid direct inhalation of the smell of glue.

If you feel unwell during use, such as dizziness, vomiting, difficulty breathing, etc., stop using it immediately and move yourself to a well-ventilated area. If symptoms are severe or persistent, seek medical attention immediately.

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