Anaerobic thread fastening glue S-262, thread anaerobic glue use method and storage conditions

 Anaerobic thread fastening adhesive product features

The general-purpose, anaerobic thread fastener can be used for locking and sealing M6-M20 threads. It has a certain lubricity and can accurately achieve the locking strength. When the air between the threads is isolated, the curing process begins. It can prevent loosening and leakage caused by shock and vibration. It is a threadlocker that can be removed with ordinary tools.


 Scope of application

 Anaerobic thread fastening compound is used for M6~M20 thread locking


 Product standards

Anaerobic thread fastening adhesives prevent loosening and leakage caused by shock and vibration. Ordinary tools are removable.

One-component, blue, low to medium viscosity (2550~6000) thixotropic glue, curing mechanism: anaerobic. The curing speed depends on the substrate used, with an initial cure of 20 minutes and a full cure of 24 hours. Temperature resistance -54~230°C


 Packing specifications



 Typical uses

 Bolts below M20


 How to use anaerobic thread fastening glue


1. For the best effect, use 755 cleaning agent to thoroughly clean the inner and outer surfaces of the thread and dry it.

2. If the material is inert metal, spray accelerator 7649 on the mating surface and let it dry.

 3. Shake well before use.

4. In order to prevent the glue from blocking the glue nozzle, the glue nozzle should be avoided from contacting the metal substance.

5. Fill the tooth joint of the thread with enough glue, do not coat the thread of the first section, and the gluing width is 3-5 threads. For larger threads and gaps, the amount of glue can be adjusted and the product can also be applied to the internal threads.

6. Tighten the thread in the ordinary way until it is in the correct position. Maximum intensity is reached after 24 hours.



 1. Disassemble with standard disassembly tools.

2. In rare cases, due to the long length of the fit, it cannot be disassembled at room temperature, and the bolt and nut can be disassembled while hot at 232°.



The thousand-cured glue can be soaked in the gasket cleaner 790 or mechanical grinding with tools such as steel brushes.


 Storage conditions of anaerobic thread fastener adhesive

1. This product should be stored in a dry and cool place, and the ideal storage temperature is 18~26 °C.

2. In order to avoid contamination of unused adhesives, do not pour the poured adhesives back into the original packaging container.

 3. Keep away from children.



It is the user's own responsibility to decide at their own discretion what kind of production process the product is used and to take the measures mentioned herein to prevent loss and personal injury that may occur during the storage and use of the product. If you have any questions or need help, please contact the company's technical department or sales department.

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