S-272 Engine Bolt Fixing Compound, Transmission Shaft Thread Anaerobic Sealant

 Description of anaerobic sealant for threads

SD272 Thread Anaerobic Sealant is a one-component, high-temperature, thixotropic viscosity, high-viscosity anaerobic structural adhesive with excellent chemical resistance and chemical resistance, which is used to bond rigid parts. Suitable for active metal surfaces, adjustable, for M24 or larger bolts.


 Typical uses

Threaded anaerobic sealants are widely used in engine bolts, transmission shaft bolts, construction machinery bolts, construction machinery bolts, transmission bolts, rocker bolts.


 Pre-curing adhesive properties

Base raw material Diacet methacrylate

Color: Red

Viscosity (cps @ 22°C) 8,000

Curing speed (primary/full-solid) 15 min./24 hrs.

The maximum radial clearance is 0.25mm

Density (g/m3) 1.10

Flash point > 93°C


 Post-cure performance

Operating temperature -60 to 210°C

Shear strength 20.8

Good solvent resistance

Inspection standard JB/T7311-2001


 The relationship between curing strength and material

Thread anaerobic sealants cure at different rates depending on the material being adhered to and are tested according to ASTM D1002 standards. Product 272 Shear strength obtained at different curing times for sandblasted steel lap specimens and other materials (activator applied to one of the surfaces of the substrate).


 The relationship between curing strength and clearance

The curing speed of thread anaerobic sealants varies depending on the size of the bonding gap and is tested according to the ASTM D1002 standard. Product 272 Shear strength obtained on sandblasted steel shear specimens with different clearances at different curing times (activator applied to one of the surfaces of the material to be adhered to).


 Cure strength as a function of temperature

The curing speed of the thread anaerobic sealant varies with the ambient temperature and is a graph of the curing time and shear strength of the thread anaerobic sealant on a sandblasted steel lap shear specimen at 120C without the use of activator N according to ASTM D1002, 272.


 Thread Anaerobic Sealant Usage Guide

For optimal performance, surfaces need to be clean and grease-free. To ensure fast and reliable curing, activator N must be applied to one surface of the material to be bonded and adhesive to the other. A bond line gap of 0.1mm is recommended. If the bond line gap is too large (up to 0.5mm) or a fast curing speed is required, the activator should be used on both surfaces. The parts should be assembled within 15 minutes. Excess adhesive can be wiped off with organic solvents. The bonded parts should be clamped until the adhesive cures. The adhesive should reach full strength before it can withstand the service load (due to the difference in the bond line gap and the material to be adhered to). As a result, the typical full cure time for this adhesive is between 24-72 hours).


 Thread anaerobic sealant storage conditions

Unless otherwise noted, the ideal storage conditions for this product are in a cool, dry place in the original packaging in a temperature range of 8-28°C (46-82°F). If this product is stored at 8~18°C, it will be more ideal. To avoid contamination of unused glue, no glue should be poured back into the original packaging. For more specific shelf life information, please contact Mishima's Technical Service Center.

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