Application field of screw glue

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2023-01-12 11:14

is used in a very wide range of such as: aircraft, ships, cars, vehicle electronics... . And a variety of other industrial screws.

1, is used in a very wide range of such as: aircraft, ships, cars, vehicle electronics... . And a variety of other industrial screws.

2, other such as TV, washing machine, video player, motorcycle, camera, camera, all kinds of household appliances and sound machine screws can be used.

(1) locking and anti-loosening: metal screws are easy to loose or offline under the impact of vibration. Traditional mechanical locking methods are not ideal, while chemical locking methods are cheap and effective. If the screw is coated with screw glue after assembly, the formation of a strong plastic film in the thread gap after curing, so that the screw lock will not loose. There is a pre-coated type (B-204) anaerobic glue, which is pre-coated on the screw and left for use (valid for four years). As long as the screw is screwed in and tightened, the desired anti-loosening effect can be achieved.

(2) Sealing leakage: any plane can not be completely close contact, need leakage sealing, the traditional method is to use rubber, asbestos, metal and other gaskets, but due to aging or corrosion will soon leak. Instead of solid gaskets, screw glue can achieve close contact after curing, so that the sealing is more durable. Screw glue is used for sealing threaded pipe joints and threaded plugs, sealing flange fitting surface, sealing mechanical box joint surface, etc., all have good leak-proof effect.

(3) Fixed positioning: cylindrical row components, such as bearings and shafts, pulley and shaft, gear and shaft, bearings and seat holes, bushing and holes and other hole shaft combination accessories, before without exception, the use of hot sleeve, cold pressure and other dimensions of interference method reassembly, supplemented by keys and dowel. This fixed method requires strict machining accuracy, and because of the different coefficient of thermal expansion, wear and corrosion, it is easy to loose. The screw glue can be used to fill the gap, firm and durable after curing, stable and reliable. The anaerobic adhesive fixation method can reduce the requirement of processing precision, simplify assembly operation, improve production efficiency, energy consumption and processing cost.

(4) Fill plugging: for the casting, die casting, powder metallurgy parts and welding parts with microholes, can be low viscosity of the anaerobic glue (B-290) coated in the defect, so that the glue liquid into the microhole, at room temperature isolated oxygen can complete the curing, full of holes and play a sealing effect. If using vacuum infiltration, the success rate is higher, has become a new technology in the casting industry.