Flame retardant electronic sealant SD9088W

Product characteristics

S-9088 flame retardant electronic sealant is one component demethanol room temperature curing silicone adhesive sealant, is through the comprehensive reaction of water in the air to release low molecules caused by crosslinking curing, and vulcanized into high performance elastomer, with excellent cold and heat resistance, aging resistance and electrical insulation performance, excellent moisture, shock, corona resistance, leakage performance, High and low temperature resistance, does not swell and has good adhesion to most metal and non-metal materials, can play a sealing bonding role on electronic components and does not pollute the surrounding environment. It can be used at -60 ~ 260℃.

Scope of application

Applied to power supply and fill sealing, electronic components fixed, ventilation pipe, fire doors and Windows, high temperature oven, boiler and other high temperature machinery flame retardant bonding sealing, other flame retardant sealing purposes.

Product standard

◆ Comply with GB 33372-2020(VOC) volatile Organic Compounds certification

◆ Meet the EU test standards of REACH

◆ The enterprise has passed the UL certification E358706

◆ISO14001:2015 certification

◆ISO9001:2015 certification

◆ Reference standard: HG/T3947-2007 single component room temperature vulcanized whisk silicone adhesive/sealant

Through the national high-tech enterprises

◆ Our products have passed 1000 hours of cold and hot impact test, 1000 hours of double 85(high temperature and high humidity) test, 1000 hours of high temperature aging test, committed to provide reliable thermal conductivity solutions for automotive, communication, security and other industries.

Application industry

Household appliances industry, electronics industry, communications industry, security industry, automobile industry, sports equipment industry, shipbuilding industry

Product description

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