Thermal grease coefficient 4.0- High performance heat sink

This product is a heat-resistant thermal grease heat sink, white sticky. It has both excellent electrical insulation and excellent thermal conductivity, and high and low temperature resistance, and can work in the temperature range of -50 ° C ~ 280 ° C for a long time without drying hardening or melting phenomenon. This product is based on polysiloxane with high thermal conductivity filler, non-toxic, tasteless and non-corrosive, chemical and physical properties are stable.

EP.(Environmental requirements) : comply with RoHS directive and related environmental requirements

CRT.(citation standard):Q/ 4413SD003-2021 Thermal grease


Technical parameters (AtTA =25℃)

Argument Symbol Test standard Performance index
Cone penetration 1/10mm25℃




Oil dispersion 150℃.24h%


HG/T 2502


Volatile content (150℃, 24h) %


HG/T 2502


Dielectric strength kV/mm


GB/T 1695


Dielectric constant 1.0MHz


GB/T 1693


Volume resistivity Ω·cm


GB/T 1692



Limit parameter (AtTA =25℃)

Argument Symbol Numerical value Unit

Thermal conductivity




Specific gravity




Operating temperature


-20°C To +260°C

Storage temperature


 10°C To +25°C 


Use method and precautions of thermal grease

The adhesive sealing surface should be clean, the top of the nozzle should be cut off and sealed according to the dosage, put it on the packaging mouth, apply it to the construction surface (thickness should not exceed 6mm), and put it in the air. The surface of this product can lose its adhesive shape (surface dry) at room temperature for 3-10 minutes, and it will be completely cured after 24 hours. The heating of this product can not significantly change its curing speed.

Unused adhesive material should be sealed and stored. When used again, if there is a little crust at the seal, it can be removed without affecting normal use. Glue in the storage process, the nozzle may also appear a small amount of curing phenomenon, can be removed after normal use, does not affect the performance of the product. The storage period is 6 months (25℃).

This product is non-dangerous goods, but do not import and eye.

This product cannot be mixed with other types of colloids!


Requirements for packaging, storage and transportation of thermal grease

Transportation: Domestic (CN-GB), international (IMO, IATA, UN) no regulations. They are non-dangerous goods.


① The packaging of the material has a certain protective and sealing effect on the material to ensure that the material is not damaged during transportation.

② The packing box should have the product model, name, quantity and the manufacturer's trademark, production batch and other information.

③ The packing box should meet the requirements of moisture, shock, pressure and mildew.

Storage: Packaged products should be stored in a cool and dry environment below the ambient temperature of 26 ° C, and there should be no acid and alkali in the surrounding air

Sexual or other corrosive gases, under the above conditions, can be stored for six months from the date of production, during which the material is still qualified.

Packing specifications: 50ml aluminum tube, 330mlPE tube



Before using this product, users must carefully read the relevant information of this product, and users have the responsibility to conduct comprehensive tests according to their respective uses to confirm its performance, effect, safety, etc.

Our company disclaims any other warranty stated or implied. If your company does not do the corresponding performance test and direct use of the product caused by unqualified products, the company and the intermediary sales legal person shall not bear any responsibility, hereby declare!


Product description

Key words:

Heat-conducting silica gel

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