Product model: SD3000 circuit board paint
◆ Characteristics: Protective paint (commonly known as three waterproof) is low viscosity room temperature curing single component high viscosity acrylic resin products, the product is easy to dip coating, brush coating, spraying a variety of processes, has good high and low temperature resistance (-30 ~ +130ºC) and excellent electrical insulation performance, anti-aging, moisture-proof, anti-leakage, shock, dust, corrosion resistance, corona resistance and other properties.
◆ Environmental protection requirements: meet RoHS directive and related environmental protection requirements
◆ Reference standard :Q/ 4413SD004-2021 circuit board protective paint series


Widely used in hybrid integrated circuit, automotive electronic control board, electronic circuit board, aviation instruments, soft printed circuit board, computer control board, industrial control board, semiconductor crystal line protection, home appliance controller and other electronic parts

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Silicone rubber

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