◆ Product model: S-3930 thermal grease
Characteristics: This product is for high temperature resistant thermal conductive silicone grease (heat transfer oil heat dissipating paste), white sticky. It not only has excellent electrical insulation and excellent thermal conductivity, but also has high and low temperature resistance. It can work in the temperature range of -50℃ ~ 200℃ for a long time without drying and hardening or melting phenomenon. This product is based on polysiloxane with high thermal conductivity filler, environmental protection, tasteless, non-corrosive, chemical and physical properties stable.
◆ Environmental protection requirements: meet RoHS directive and related environmental protection requirements
◆ Reference standard :Q/4413SD003 -- 2021 Thermal grease


It is mainly used in the contact surface between the power amplifier tube and the heat sink in the electronics industry, microwave communication, microwave transmission equipment and special power supply, stable power supply and other microwave devices surface coating and integral sealing, such as induction cooker, TV, CPU, etc.

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Thermal grease

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