Product features
SD860 is a two-component epoxy resin structural adhesive, used for room temperature or low temperature curing. After curing, the layer has medium hardness, so it can withstand extremely strong impact and vibration. It has good mechanical properties and electrical insulation, and can withstand temperature changes and flexural tearing stress. Main features
● Mixing ratio: 1:1
● Operation time: 60min
● Low shrinkage, no solvent, no corrosion
● Good adhesion for TPU and PET
● Modified epoxy, with flexibility, bending without breaking

Scope of application
Mainly used in: electronic cigarette, percussion drill, industrial robot, controller, 3D printer, military cable...
Product standard
◆ Comply with GB 33372-2020(VOC) volatile Organic Compounds certification

◆ Meet the EU test standards of REACH

◆ The enterprise has passed the UL certification E358706

◆ISO14001:2015 certification

◆ISO9001:2015 certification

◆ Reference standard: HG/T3947-2007 single component room temperature vulcanized whisk silicone adhesive/sealant

Our products have passed 1000 hours of cold and hot impact test, 1000 hours of double 85 (high temperature and humidity) test, 1000 hours of high temperature aging test, committed to provide reliable thermal conductivity solutions for automobile, communication, security and other industries.

Product description

Key words:

AB adhesive with epoxy structure

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