Product model: Product model: SD3800 circuit board paint
◆ Protective paint (commonly known as three waterproof) is a low viscosity room temperature curing single component products, easy to dip, brush, spray, has good high and low temperature resistance (-40 ~ +100ºC) and excellent electrical insulation, aging resistance, moisture resistance, dust resistance, harmful gas resistance. It is suitable for indoor "three prevention" protection of PCB circuit board and electronic components.
◆ Environmental protection requirements: meet RoHS directive and related environmental protection requirements
◆ Reference standard :Q/ 4413SD004-2021 circuit board protective paint series

This product is a transparent protective paint, used as a general protective film for printed circuit boards. Designed to protect printed circuit boards from leakage and short circuit. Transparent acrylic insulation, the film is resistant to various dilute acids, alkalis, alcohols and moisture, while drip proof and solderable.


Protect components from condensation and moisture; Printed circuit board to prevent leakage; Insulation of cables and wires; Coated on terminal boards, bolted terminals and switch boxes exposed to the atmosphere; Used in TV products, reduce corona discharge caused by high voltage voltage regulator, avoid leakage of linear transformer; Protect maps, charts, legal documents, technical drawings, architectural plans, scripts and other flexible objects. Protection of high frequency, television and radio antennas against atmospheric corrosion; Protect Marine radios and other components from salt water corrosion.


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